Reincarnation of the Sturmabteilung

Reincarnation of the Sturmabteilung

Lately we are witnessing a growing number of anarchistic protestations around our country.  Many are aimed at President Trump and his administration while others are aimed at individual conservatives or groups.  In some cases these anarchists try to disrupt the meetings of groups whose political beliefs they oppose or town hall meetings of conservative members of Congress.  In several instances they have turned violent, causing destruction of both private and public property, and at times even assaulted individuals attending the events.

The irony of all of these instances is they proclaim they are doing this in the defense of freedom and the rights guaranteed to us in our Bill of Rights, especially the right to free speech and peaceful assembly; yet their actions deny to those not in agreement with them the ability to exercise these rights.  Instead, those who hold opposing views (as well as President Trump and his advisors) are called “Fascists” and “Nazis” by these protestors.  Consequently, I think a short review of history of those who were truly “Fascists” and “Nazis” is in order to see just who the real “Nazis” are.

In 1921, Adolf Hitler created the Sturmabteilung, aka the SA or “Assault Division” of the Nazi Party.  These “Brown Shirts” (or “Storm Troopers”) were responsible for intimidating political opposition to the Nazi Party by violence, including personal physical attacks, property destruction and silencing of free speech both of the press and the disruption of meetings of opposing political parties.  They made a special target of the Jews, falsely depicting them as a target for arousing anger among the populace of Germany.  In short, they had total disregard for the law and the liberties of individuals.  In all respects they lived up to their credo, “All opposition must be stamped into the ground.” Their violence was based upon SA Sturmfuehrer Ernst Bayer’s attitude that  “Possession of the streets is the key to power.”

The SA was not as much concerned with loyalty to the German people as they were to the ideology of the Nazi party and German nationalism.  Their aim was to show the weakness of the Weimar Republic and the foolishness of democracy so as to gain power and impose their ideology upon the masses.

Consider these anarchists now causing a disruption in our society.  They are rioting in the streets, smashing windows and setting properties on fire, just as their SA forebears did.  Even police vehicles and equipment have been destroyed without fear of reprisal or arrest and imprisonment.  In the 1920s’ the police in Germany became intimidated in standing up to the actions of the SA.  Our police are not so much intimidated as they are handcuffed by the pc policies of the liberal politicians they must answer to, but the result is pretty much the same.  Some of these ruffians have even taken to wearing a “ninja-like” uniform, although nothing to the extreme like the SA.  However, these groups are in their infancy and being financed by big money leftists and business moguls, just like the SA was in the days of Hitler.

You do not hear of Tea Party, 912 organizations, and other conservative groups behaving in this manner, and yet they are the “Fascists”?  These protesters need to take a good, hard look in the mirror of history.  When they do, they will see themselves staring back, clad in brown uniforms with a red swastika armband around their left arms.

-February 24, 2017